It is extremely important that children get to spend quality time with their parents regularly. Not only does spending some time together strengthen the bond between you and your little one, but it also gives your little one a healthy idea of what a parent-child relationship should be. Life is busy, but you can ensure special moments are cherished by trying out some of these creative bonding activities.

1. Reading Together

Reading together is not only an educational and learning opportunity for your child, but it is also a magnificent way to spend some quality time together before bedtime or whenever time permits. Reading to young children helps them succeed in the classroom and develop language skills. It also helps them stimulate their imagination and gain a better comprehension of the world. It really doesn’t matter the age of your child, reading together is the perfect way to spend some together while brushing up on their active-listening skills. You can even consider partaking in reading events in the area. It will allow you to meet other parents, your child to meet new friends all while providing an excellent atmosphere for spending quality time together and learning.

2. Singing Together

If you and your little one are musically-inclined consider spending some time singing together by buying a karaoke machine and just jamming out. If you want, add some homemade instruments to your ensemble and have a good time singing, dancing and playing instruments together. If you both don’t mind an audience, consider children’s karaoke spots. Singing is educational because it allows for the body and the mind to work together. It also helps children learn the sounds and meanings of words. Not to mention, learning to play an instrument at a young age can surely be beneficial and grooving to the tunes is a wonderful way to keep your child active and physically fit.

3. Baking Together

Baking and cooking with your little one will help raise their self-esteem. It will make your child feel proud of himself or herself for creating their own delicious masterpiece. It also can teach basic mathematics and measuring skills along with life skills that they can bring with them into adulthood. You don’t need a birthday party or special occasion to bake a tasty meal or dessert together. You can just pick a DIY cake kit to do a fun craft project with your son or daughter and then pig out on tasty treats you created together.

kid is baking


4. Exercising Together

If you’re health-conscious and you want your child to also remain healthy and fit, try exercising together as a form of bonding. Not everyone has a gym membership and you needn’t attend classes together at a local fitness facility. Instead, get a game of basketball going or simply kick around a soccer ball. You could also check out online parent-child workout videos that will get you both burning calories and feeling those endorphins.

exercise with your child