Bundle up and take the fun outside for your child’s winter birthday party with these four competitive and exciting seasonal outdoor games.

These great winter birthday party game ideas will have your kids and their guests laughing and playing in the snow for hours.

1. Snow Rope Tug of War

To play this game, organize two teams of even numbers. You will also need a long, thick rope to play this game. Simply tamp down a large and wide trench in the snow. The trench will serve as the midline. Place each team on the opposite ends of the rope. Countdown from 10 and allow the tugging and towing to commence. The winning team is the team that pulls the entire opposing team over to its side of the trench. It’s a good idea to make sure each player is wearing gloves before playing this game. Gloves will protect the hands from getting rope burn.

2. Snow-Boot Two Step

Each player will need winter clothes and snow boots. You will need at least two or more players. This game is best played on an even ground that has freshly fallen snow. Snow-boot two step is very similar to the classic children’s game follow the leader. To start off, the leader will need to make a path in the snow. The children following the leader must then try to step in the exact same spots as the leader by stepping in the leader’s boot print. The object of the game is to make it look as if only one person has walked the path in the snow. This is a perfect winter birthday party game to test each child’s agility and balance.

3. Snowman Building Race

Kids and adults alike love to build snowmen! It is one of the most classic winter games. To get this game going, put together two teams. Make sure each team has an even number of players. Assign an adult to keep track of the time (each race should be around 10-15 minutes or so). Once the adult yells “GO”, watch as the children scurry to put together their snowman masterpiece. The team that completes their snowman in the shortest amount of time, wins the race! Don’t forget that a complete snowman includes the body, hat, and nose.

snowman building race

Photo by Ethan Hu

4. Musical Snowflakes

Musical snowflakes is similar to the old favorite party game musical chairs. To properly play musical snowflakes, tape large snowflake cutouts on the seat of each chair used in the game. Ensure the chairs are lined up and that there’s enough moving room around them. Aim to play winter-themed music instead of ordinary music. Have the group of children pace around the group of chairs while the music is playing. Once the music stops, each child will need to run to sit on one of the available chairs. The child who is left without a chair is then eliminated. Make sure to remove each chair one-by-one as players are eliminated.

Once the winter wonderland games have come to a close, celebrate and reenergize the little ones by chowing down on a delicious DIY birthday cake. A cake decorating kit is the perfect way to take the stress out of baking!