Baking with your child can bring your family together. Not only is it the perfect bonding experience, but there are also several other reasons why baking with your little one can be beneficial. Whether it’s for a birthday party, baking sale or just for the heck of it, baking with your youngster can be very rewarding. Check out the top four reasons to bake with your kid.

1. It’s An Educational Experience

Baking with your kid can help them learn basic math skills. For example, measuring ingredients, setting the timer and handling recipe fractions, are all basic arithmetic skills that every child should learn in their younger years. Baking can also help your child with their reading and comprehension skills. Have your child read the recipe out loud and help them speak and understand the more difficult words. The best part about learning math and practicing reading in the kitchen is that your little one will be so excited to be making a treat from scratch that they won’t even realize they’re also being educated.

2. It Helps Their Self-esteem

Children love to show off their own creations. If you’re throwing your child a party, get them involved in the kid party planning by letting them help you with the baking tasks. Allowing your child to assist you with baking allows them to make their own delicious treats. In turn, your child will feel proud of himself or herself for successfully making something on their own. Remember, kids thrive on feeling accomplished. Plus, there’s nothing more adorable than watching your small fry proudly serve their dessert masterpiece to guests.

3. It Sparks Creativity

Most desserts require a bit of artistic creativity to make. Tasks such as decorating cookies and cakes and working with icing will allow your child to explore their own creativity and inventiveness. Watch how intrigued your youngster gets as they make unique designs on cookies and write with icing. You can even buy a DIY cake kit that has all the ingredients already in the kit, so you don’t even need to go to the store to pick up anything. It’s the perfect little art project the both of you can partake in.

kids decorating cookies

4. It Teaches Patience

Children are typically very impatient, and baking is a process that usually involves many steps before you finally get to munch on the delicious finished product. Baking with your little one teaches them that sometimes it takes time to get what you want. The value of delaying gratification is an important life skill that all children need to carry with them into adulthood.

There are many awards that come out of baking with your child. Not only will you spend time hanging out with your little baking apprentice, but you’ll also be able to teach them some very important life skills.