Bring out the fun and try out these outdoor birthday party games for kids at the next birthday party that you host at your house or in the park.

Outdoor birthday parties are the perfect way to enjoy the nice weather with tasty food and great company. Having a unique cake from Cakest is bound to set your party apart as special. Guests will also enjoy fun outdoor activities to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. These 5 games, that you can craft yourself, will make it the ultimate party.

Clothes – Pin Tag

Supplies: clothespins, markers, stickers

Have a table set up with clothespins and materials to decorate them with, such as markers and stickers. Once decorated, clip 3-5 clothespins on the back of each person’s shirt. More clothespin means the game will last longer. Enjoy a game of friendly tag where once your clothespin is removed you are it and you have to tag someone else.

Clothes-pin Tag

Backyard Bowling

Supplies: 10 Plastic 2-Liter Bottles, Paint, 3-4 lbs of beans/sand, kickball

Pour paint into each bottle and twist it around until all areas are coated in paint. Wait for it to dry, and put a few beans in each bottle to act as a weight. Set up the 10 bottles for bowling, and have fun!

Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe

Supplies: 4 pieces of rope – about 6 ft, 10Themed X’s and O’s

Set up a game board using 4 ropes in a number sign formation ( # ). You may choose to use a symbol that relates to the party theme for the X, as well as the O. Get 5 of each X and O. Play the game with 2 people at a time, trading off turns and trying to get three in a row. You could potentially set up multiple game boards, and start a competition to find a champion.

Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe

Jumbo Ring Toss

Supplies: 1 Thick wooden stick/dowel, 4 colorful hula hoops

Enjoy this simple and easy going game, good for all ages. Place the dowel sticking into the ground, and have party goers line up 15-20 feet. Each person will take their turn, retrieve their hula hoops to pass of the next person in line, and enter the back of the queue to go again. For an extra challenge, try throwing it vertically instead of horizontal, or try throwing multiple at the same time.

Water Balloon Toss

Supplies: Balloons, faucet/hose, bucket to store them

Everyone loves water games in the heat of the summer. Get party-goers to line up in two lines, facing each other, so that each person is paired with a person across from them. Have them start 3 footsteps away, and toss the balloon to each other. If it pops, they’re out. Have pairs take one large step away from each other after each toss. The last pair to successfully throw and catch the balloon wins!

Waterballon toss

Outdoor games like these are easy to get supplies for, set up, and are bound to be enjoyed by those participating. Outdoor birthday parties are the perfect place to enjoy time with friends and family, complete with delicious summer food and especially a delicious, custom themed birthday cake.