Party planning can be stressful. Follow these five useful tips to throw a party without breaking the bank.

When it comes to party planning, one of the biggest questions we get at Black Twine is how to throw a fun, beautiful event without breaking the bank. Today, we are sharing our 5 best tips on how to host on a budget (without looking like you are on a budget at all!)

1. Stick With The Theme

The most important ingredient to a Pinterest-worthy party is to stay consistent with the theme. We recommend selecting just one or two colors (e.g., green and black) and one theme (e.g., zebras). Use the selected colors and motif to guide all purchasing decisions from the invitation to the decorations to the serving ware.

A consistent look is the key for creating the “wow” moment when guests enter the party. Also, the theme guides purchasing decisions to avoid the trap of buying everything that looks “adorable.”

stick with the theme

2. Less Is More

Often the stress of planning is caused by having too many decorative or culinary components to execute. Our advice when it comes to décor, flowers, wine or food is to keep it as simple as possible – less on the variety, more on the quantity of each. Considering five different appetizers for a cocktail party? You can probably cut down to two or three substantial appetizers but ensure that each guest is able to go for seconds and even thirds.

3. Simple Food, Artful Presentation

One of our favorite ways to feed guests at a party is a charcuterie grazing board. While the ingredients – fruit, nuts, cheeses, and charcuterie meats – are easily found at any grocery store, artfully arranged presentation makes the board stand out as a centerpiece at your party.

simple food artful presentation

4. Get The Most Out Of Party Favors

Party favors can also double duty as place cards and decorations for the party. Favor ideas include edible gifts in jars or muslin bags, succulents, totes and candles. Coordinate packaging with the theme and attach a tag with the guest’s name on the favor.

5. Easy, Foolproof DIY

The cake is often the “wow” moment of a birthday party or baby shower, and let’s be honest, a cake from a professional bakery can be an expensive component of your party budget.  While baking cakes from scratch can be intimidating, did you know that even professional bakers use mixes?  We love using Cakest kits, or another option is buying cupcakes and topping them with adorable toppers.


About the author:

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