Everyone knows that a homemade cake is always the best kind of cake! It’s a simple fact that everything made from home not only tastes better but also is typically better for you.

Skip running to your local bakery or supermarket to pick up your next birthday cake! Instead, bake a homemade cake yourself. Baking your own homemade dessert creation has several benefits.

It’s Better Tasting

A dessert you make yourself always tastes better than something already pre-made. When baking at home, you have the choice of what ingredients you want to use and what flavors you enjoy. Each one of us had a different palate preference. Unfortunately, the probability of outside cakes suiting that taste preference is very little. The best way to ensure that your cake comes out perfectly and tastes divine is to simply make it yourself.

It’s Cheaper

The average bakery cake will cost you significantly more than you would pay for buying the ingredients to make the cake yourself. Most upscale bakeries will charge you anywhere from $5.00 – $9.50 per slice of cake, depending on the overall size and type of cake. That’s quite a hefty price if you’re looking to feed a number of people. Cut your costs to $1.20 – $3.50 per slice by making your very own cake.

It’s Healthier

When you buy a pre-made cake from a bakery or grocery store, you hardly know the nutritional value of the cake. However, when you bake at home, you can control the quality and the quantity of the ingredients. Instead of buying a processed cake, choose all-natural ingredients for your dessert creation.

healthier ingredients

It’s Cleaner

One of the biggest issues with buying a dessert from a bakery or store is the level of cleanliness of the business. When baking at home, you can ensure that everything used to bake your cake is sanitized and freshly clean. You can also ensure that there are no unwanted chemicals or additives added to your cake.

It’s Food Allergy Friendly

If you’re baking a cake for a special occasion, like a birthday party, you can reduce the risk of any allergic reactions. This is especially important if anyone eating the cake has a dietary restriction or food allergies.  For example, if a family member or friend has a gluten allergy, you can ensure that you bake the perfect gluten-free chocolate cake instead of risking the chance of purchasing a cake that may have gluten in it.

It’s Fun

According to psychologists, cooking and baking is therapeutic and helps reduce stress. It also helps provide relaxation. You can choose to bake alone for some much-needed solo time to unwind. You also can choose to involve your family and make it a baking party. Be sure you don’t leave the kids out! Have them help with mixing ingredients or cake decorating. If you’re still in the process of mastering your baking skills, try a DIY cake kit to help move you along in the right direction.

diy cake kit in the making

It’s a Confidence Booster

Baking your own cake gives you the chance to show off skills in the kitchen. Beyond that, making something yourself allows you to take pride in your dessert creation. This helps build your self-esteem and your confidence.