Special occasions to celebrate with a DIY fondant cake.

While you may traditionally think of cakes for birthday party celebrations, they can be the perfect dessert to celebrate a variety of events. From graduations to anniversaries, cakes make the ideal way to mark these special days and make them just that much more memorable. Try a cake for all of these unique celebrations.

You Made The Team Cake

Why not surprise your child with a cake that celebrates them making that all important sports team? You can even have your child participate in the fun with a DIY cake kit that makes a basketball or soccer-themed cake. Kids over seven years old will enjoy putting the finishing touches on this DIY cake kit that shows them just how proud you are of them. They’ll have even more reason rejoice as they can have a piece of cake that they made themselves on this special day.

Good Grades Cake

When your child aces that test, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. A cake can mark this momentous occasion with a splash. You don’t have to get fancy or buy a store-bought cake as a DIY cake kit will be made with love and give your child a boost for their efforts in class.

Good grades cake mermaid

Happy Halloween Cake

Halloween is a time of spooks and goblins, but it doesn’t have to be all scary as this fun little monster cake can put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday. Have a special family date with your cake as the centerpiece and then follow that up with an evening of trick or treating to keep the mood going.

Rainy Day Cake

Poor weather and cooped up kids can make for a long day for all. Add a little sunshine to the day with a specially made cake. A family craft project making a fondant rainbow with clouds and colorful raindrops make time fly and guarantees you spend quality time together.

Just Because Cake

If your kids have been acting especially good, why not have a fun cake as an after-dinner treat? You can brighten everyone’s day as they get an unexpected indulgence for being on their best behavior all week. A little cake will go a long way in making sure they continue to be your little angels all the rest of the year.

Just because cake fire truck

All Ages Birthdays

Of course, birthdays are the best time for cakes and having a birthday cake decoration that matches the theme of your party just adds to the fun. You can try a DIY cake kit or get fancy with a bakery cake.

Cakes are great for all occasions! No matter if you bake it yourself or buy it from the store, it adds a little more excitement to your celebration and will come with a slew of appreciation from everyone that gets a tasty bite.