Setting up a great birthday party is simple when you know what kind of theme you want. Make it extravagant with simple DIY birthday party decorations.

The bar has been raised higher in recent years for blowout birthday parties for children. But for parents who prefer to keep things more low-key and manageable, a great party is not out of reach just because no one is renting out an entire water park or paying an NBA player to make an appearance. All it takes to make a memorable celebration is a theme, a plan and some valuable resources. We’ve gathered this list of useful tips that can help you pull off the event you want without worrying about party decoration or the ever-expanding guest list. With Cakest DIY Cake kits the cake decoration will be a piece of cake too!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Theme!

Yes, parties can be successful without a theme, but having a general idea of what you want the motif to be will make preparations much simpler. You can easily get overwhelmed by all the choices of colors, menus, activities, and cake designs available, but if you have a theme, that automatically narrows the range of options. Here are some popular ideas:

  • Jungle: Logical colors are black, white, green and some accent colors. Animals such as giraffe,  pandas and elephant can be part of the decoration motif. Our cake kits have animal themes that can guide you to choose the colors of plates, napkins and garlands.
  • Sports: Décor can include all sorts of colors, and activities can include a few minutes learning and playing games. Basketball and soccer are the most popular sports themes, which are easily paired with our basketball and soccer cake kits.
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Choose a cake kit with a train circling the top, and the decoration may include  tapes for “train tracks,” on the table cloths train smoke marshmallow and railroad crossing signs.

DIY Decorations

Remember that you don’t have to go over the top with décor. The kids won’t pay much attention to how the space looks anyway; they are in it for the food, games and gifts. Rather than restricting your options based on the specific theme, do as much with color as you can. Then augment those basics with a few statement pieces you can put together yourself. Here are a few examples based on the suggested themes above:

  • Jungle: Green and white tablecloths with black, white and green balloon are a great starting point. Just add a giant stuffed panda to play with, a few elephant plushies as centerpieces and maybe an elephant mask for each child to wear pre-set at each table setting.
  • Sports: Little footbag toys in the shapes of sports balls can be scattered along the table, and foam versions of full-size balls can be available to play with. Colors might be orange/brown (basketball), white (baseball) and green (soccer).
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Any color is fair game in this theme. Then provided cutout kits so the attendees can craft their own paper cars, or stage a paper airplane-making contest. Have train sets in the toybox at home? Let the kids build their own track path by working together.

stunning birthday party decoration

Memorable Menus And More

The birthday party décor is important, but the food is a great place to really get into the theme of the event with creative tidbits. You can go several different ways with the menu, including:

  • Plan by color. Choose to offer fun foods in the colors you are focusing on in the theme.
  • Plan by theme. Select foods that can be manipulated to look like the items in the theme.
  • All cake, all the time.  Always make the cake the highlight of the event. We offer many styles of birthday cakes that are easily created with DIY cake kits perfect for any birthday party for kids. And make sure someone with a camera is ready to snap a picture of your child blowing out the candles!

There are other areas of the party you can use to play out your motif or color scheme, such as the invitations, the party favors or the table settings. But again, it’s up to you. You can keep it minimal if you want because you know that the kids will have a great time even without a castle-sized bouncy house.