Delivering your cake to a birthday party is always a headache. Here are some helpful tips how to do it without ruining your masterpiece.

You’ve made a cake. It’s beautiful and you’re feeling proud of your accomplishment (and you absolutely should, you rock!). But now, just when you thought all the challenges were behind you, you have to get the cake from your kitchen to a distant party location and you’re worried about damaging your masterpiece in transit. Here are some helpful tips to help you safely deliver your cake:

Don’t stress, all you need is three things: scissors, tape and the cardboard box that your Cakest DIY kit originally arrived in. Your cake board is the exact size as the box, so it will keep the cake from moving around during transit.

Cut the sides of your box at the corners so that the whole box lays flat.

how to deliver your cake safely to a birthday party

Then set your cake, including the cake board, on the bottom of the box before re-taping the sides. You might keep the box on your lap in the car or put it in the trunk. If you go with the trunk, put a yoga mat underneath, the sticky mat will keep the box from shifting around.

how to deliver your cake safely in box

how to deliver your cake safely box taped

One thing to keep in mind is that heat is the enemy of fondant, so on a warm day turn up your air conditioning to achieve at least room temperature. Only put your cake in the trunk if your back seats fold down and the cool air can reach there too.

Once you and your cake arrive safely it’s time to get the party started!