Allergy-friendly baking is as simple as ABC. These dairy-free and egg-free cake tips will ensure that everyone can enjoy the delicious dessert that you bake for your next celebration.

When you think about a dairy-free or egg-free cake, you probably think about the cake being dry, bland, and crumbly. Well, you are very wrong! Believe it or not, you can still make a delicious and moist cake, sans eggs and milk. Yes, folks with allergies, we’re talking to you! If you, your children, or your party guests have eggs and/or milk allergies, we’ve got you covered!

No Eggs? No Problem

Eggs are one of the most common allergy-causing foods. This type of allergy is especially common for children. Just because there’s an egg allergy, doesn’t mean you can’t have a mouthwatering eggless cake. Eggless cakes can be a bit tricky when it comes to emulating the spongy texture, but it is not impossible. You can replace eggs with these common foods: applesauce, vinegar, yogurt, baking soda, mashed bananas, and many more common foods and ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

We promise you that your egg-eating guests won’t even realize that the eggs are missing. Here are some great tips to make sure your eggless cake turns out excellent.

  • Do not add the dry ingredients all at once. Instead, add all the dry ingredients in separately and little by little. This will ensure that the batter stays airy and maintains its texture.
  • Limit the raising agents you use. Too many of these can cause your cake to dip and droop.
  • If you are using lime juice or vinegar as part of a substitution, make sure to add them in at the very end.
  • Always allow your cake to cool off on a wire rack. This will allow for good air flow. In turn, your cake will remain stable and will not collapse.

apple sauce flex seed chia seed banana

Delectable Dairy-Free Frosting

Do you or your guests have a milk allergy, dairy allergy, or suffer from lactose intolerance? Don’t fret, you can easily make a delectable dairy-free frosting without even breaking a sweat. For an easy dairy-free vanilla frosting, make sure to have the following ingredients on hand:

  1. coconut oil
  2. dairy-free butter substitute
  3. pure vanilla extract.
  4. confectioners’ sugar.
  5. dairy-free milk of choice (unsweetened coconut milk works best. However, you should feel free to experiment and see what works best for you and your taste buds.)

 For the rest of this recipe, go here. If you’re looking to try something different other than a classic chocolate or vanilla frosting, check out this site to find out how to make a hazelnut, coffee, lemon, or coconut dairy-free frosting. These awesome recipes are uncomplicated and unique. Plus, they allow you to get creative and really show off your baking expertise.

While we’re on the topic of frosting, did you know that frosting spreads best when it is at room temperature? When the frosting is sitting at room temperature, you’re allowing the sugar and flavor particles to loosen. In turn, you’re going to have a much more flavorful and sweet frosting. For more frosting, fondant, and icing tips, venture over here.

dairy free frosting

Vegan Varieties

It’s easy to make a vegan version of any of our cakes! Because our chocolate cake mix and fondant are free of gluten, soy and nuts, all you need to do to make a verified vegan cake—like our playful panda— is substitute the eggs in our recipe with the non-dairy alternative of your choice.

As you can see, making a dairy-free, egg-free, or even a vegan cake is not all that difficult to pull off. You can still bake a rich, creamy, moist, and scrumptious cake without eggs or dairy. And the best part about it? No one will even know the difference.