Make your child’s birthday party a date to remember by hiring the perfect entertainer using these tips.

Your child’s birthday is a time to celebrate. You want to pull out all the stops and make it a party to remember, but having the right entertainment can make or break your child’s big day. You want to make sure the entertainer is age appropriate and also provides plenty of laughs for all partygoers in attendance. The entertainment has to match the theme of your party and can help set the stage for everyone to relax and have a good time. These birthday party ideas can help you hire the perfect entertainment for a birthday party for all ages.

Clowning Around

Hiring a clown for your child’s birthday can be the perfect way to entertain the crowd. Their silliness and light-heartedness will put a smile on everyone’s faces. Picking the right clown is key to the success of your child’s birthday party. You will need to choose a clown that is fun-loving and not scary in any way.

Check the background of your would-be clown and be sure to follow up with references. This can give you a good idea of what you can expect from their performance and make sure everyone has a rousing good time that day.

how to hire the right entertainment clown

Character It Up

What would be better than having a princess party with Cinderella or Belle in attendance? What about a superhero party where Superman flies in to save the day? You can hire live characters to drop by and hang out at your child’s birthday party, making it the perfectly themed event. Not only will this match the princess birthday cake or superhero decorations, but your son or daughter will have their dreams come true as they get to spend time with a beloved character.

Hiring a live character needs to be done with a reputable company, and you should be sure to see pictures of what the live character you are looking to hire will look like. You want to be certain that you have a performer that is true to character and looks the part, so everyone is enthralled by the magic of their appearance.

Dropping The Beats

For older kids, a DJ is an ideal way to create a party atmosphere. Your child and all their friends will love dancing to their favorite tunes and making special song requests.

Ask for referrals from friends and family for a DJ that is kid-friendly. Be sure to meet with them and find out if they have any special birthday party ideas planned for the party that can make your child the star of the day. Put together a song list of your child’s favorite tunes and don’t forget to sing happy birthday as a group to commemorate the day.

When it comes to birthday party ideas for your child, be creative and think about your theme. Try to play off your birthday cake design or the room décor. Always do your homework on who you plan to hire and try to keep it a surprise, if you can, to really make it a party that your child will remember.