Here’s 5 unique kid’s toys that make great summer birthday gifts if you are in seach of birthday gift ideas for kids for the outdoors.

The first few days of summer freedom seem full of promise, but it doesn’t take long for those endless hours of unstructured time to become a burden to parents. Your teens may have plenty on their schedules with sports and friends, but the little ones who have suddenly been released from the confines of school now face hours of unplanned time. Eventually, kids will settle into boredom and parents may be frantic for a solution. If you’re facing this annual dilemma, consider the following shortlist of outdoor toys that can be used as summer birthday gift ideas or investments in your summer sanity.

Happy Turtle Toys Web Swing

What’s the toy that kids fight over most at the park? There may be plenty of slides and places to climb, but everyone wants to have a turn on the swings. The Happy Turtle Toys Web Swing is quick and easy to install, so your little one can spend plenty of time swinging. When it comes to summer birthday gift ideas, this toy is sure to be a winner.

Lil Monkey Playground Jungle Gym Frame Set

Put together the Lil Monkey Playground Jungle Gym Frame Set to provide your little one with a safe climbing structure (or fort, bear den or mountain). You can be comfortable that this addition to your list of inside and outside toys will be a positive influence. During playtime, kids will enjoy increased agility and large muscle development, as well as enhanced cognitive skills.


Lil monkey playground jungle gym frame

Sumo Bumper Bopper

If the kids on your list have plenty of energy, check out the full body action provided by the Sumo Bumper Bopper. Make sure you buy at least two of this inflatable toy because it’s twice as much fun to play with a friend. Be sure to include a few of these in your stash of gifts for kids with summer birthdays.

Sumo Bumper Bopper

Buckets of Fun 6 in 1 Backyard Waterpark

Do your little ones love to spend time in the water? Set up the Buckets of Fun 6 in 1 Backyard Waterpark on your back lawn and set your kids free for a couple of hours. This impressive toy comes with water and sand tables (you’ll need to provide your own water and sand), a twisty funnel, bubble maker, rainfall, side sprayers and automatic dump bucket. Don’t worry about heading to a pool. Set up this toy instead and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fun.


bucket of fun

Little Tikes Easy Store Junior Picnic Table With Umbrella

No summer is complete without at least one picnic. This Little Tikes Junior Picnic Table is the perfect place to serve your little ones their morning snack, lunch and afternoon snacks. When Grandpa and Grandpa ask about birthday gifts for kids, this table should be at the top of the list.


Easy store little tikes table

The Hard Part Is Choosing One

There’s no need to fear the summer months with a selection of toys that will keep your kids active and entertained. Whether you need toys to help you enjoy some summer peace or a selection of new summer birthday gift ideas to go along with your custom theme party and DIY birthday cakes, the toys on this list are sure to be winners.