Are you frightened at the thought of hosting your own Halloween bash? Don’t be! Cast your fear aside and follow these four tips to make your Halloween bash the best spooky soiree in town.

1. Frightfully Festive Decorations

Setting the scene is one of the most important aspects of hosting an epic Halloween bash. This means decorating both the interior and exterior of the site where you’re hosting the party. Think about decorations, such as: carved Jack-o’-lanterns, fake cobwebs and plastic spiders, paper bats, balloons, candles, decorative gourds, and even spooky music playing at a low volume in the background. You can find completely free festive Halloween tunes by downloading the Pandora app. Once downloaded, simply type “Halloween mix” in the search field. Now, you and your guests can enjoy hours of your favorite trick-or-treat tunes. If you are low on funds, try out some of these budget friendly DIY Halloween party decorations. Of course, Halloween costumes are imperative. The scarier, the better!

frightfully festive decorations

 2. Scary Food Creations

There’s no party without yummy treats! Try to aim for foods that are Halloween themed. For example, spooky ghost cakes, freaky hot dog fingers, black widow chocolate treats, and marshmallow ghouls. To make these boo-bash nibbles, check out their recipes here. A Halloween cake is a must too. There are so many impressive cake ideas online, but for a cake that is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit, go with this DIY Monster Cake. You even enlist the help of your little ones when making this super sweet monstrosity. A simple Halloween sweet treat for your little ghouls and goblins are “poison” candy apples. Check out how to make this terrifying treat below:


Granny smith apples

Wooden candy apple dowels or sticks


Light corn syrup

Black gel food coloring


  • Wash and dry apples. Place each apple on a baking sheet and firmly poke the bottom of the apple with the stick or dowel.
  • Add sugar, water, and corn syrup in a medium saucepan and place over medium heat. Once sugar has dissolved, let the temperature rise until the mixture is 310 degrees Fahrenheit (use a candy thermometer). Remove the pan from heat and add black food coloring.
  • Swirl the saucepan to mix the food coloring. Place each apple into the candy mixture, making sure to swirl and twirl the apple through the mixture, so that it is completely covered in the black candy. Place each apple back on an additional baking sheet and allow to dry before serving.
scary food decorations monster cake

Photo by The Creative Heart Studio

3. Grisly Games Galore

To keep the little monsters occupied, try out some hair-raising Halloween themed games. Kids love games where they can use their imagination. Make sure you have some fun prizes to give out to the winner of each game. Some cool grisly games suited for youngsters, include: Halloween Movie Trivia, Halloween Guess Who Game, Candy Corn Relay Race, and the Halloween Feel Box Game. The Halloween Feel Box game will have players reaching into dark boxes to feel items like fingers, bones, and eyeballs. The trick to this game is that inside the boxes are everyday items that the players will need to try to guess. Go here to learn how to make your own Halloween feel box for your fright-night festivity.

4. Memorable And Mysterious Party Favors

 Let your guests know how much you appreciate them coming to your party by putting together memorable party favors that will be glued into their minds until next year’s bash. Skip the little goodie bags filled with tiny pieces of junk that will just end up in the trash. Instead, get creative and make your own party favors, such as: Halloween glow sticks, spooky smores, pumpkin pops, or even a bugs and hisses treat bag. Pinterest is full of clever and imaginative Halloween party favor ideas that are budget friendly and simple to make if you’re pressed for time.

party favor

Make your Halloween bash unforgettable and enjoyable by following the four tips above. From the thrilling themed games to the devilish delicious treats, there are a lot of ways to set the stage for a spine-chilling celebration that your guests will be raving about for months to come.