Follow these tips to gather friends and the neighborhood kids together for a fun, friendly Easter egg hunt party.

Planning an Easter egg hunt party in your own backyard is an easy way to get toddlers, kids and adults in the spring spirit. Follow these tips to carry out an exciting Easter tradition.

Easter Decorations

What’s an Easter egg hunt party without festive decorations? Prepare your house for the big hunt by hanging colorful, pastel balloons outside your home. You could even line your walkway with whimsical, decorated Easter baskets. You may even want to consider spending some quality time with your children prior to the event by decorating Easter baskets together. If you’re short on time, festive printable signs do the trick. You don’t have to go overboard when decorating, but you want to make sure everyone invited to the hunt knows where they’re going to.

Hunt Prep

Whether you want to hide real or plastic eggs at your Easter egg hunt is up to you! If you’re decorating and hiding real eggs, just be sure to have a supply of small prizes to hand out to the hunt contestants. If you’re using plastic eggs, fill the eggs with small toys, candy or even numbers that correspond to larger prizes such as gift certificates, Easter books and stuffed animals. Of course, you want to make sure you have enough eggs for everyone attending to have a fair chance of winning a prize. Aim for a dozen eggs per guest. Also, have a few additional baskets on hand in case some of your guests forget to bring their own.

Hiding the Eggs

If you’re hosting a hunt for two different age groups (for example, toddlers and pre-teens), divide your backyard into two different zones. Hide the smaller children’s eggs in open places that are not too difficult to locate such as low branches on trees. Make it a bit more difficult for the older crew. Harder to find spots such as mailboxes, water spouts and atop car tires are a perfect challenge for the older children at your party.

Easter egg hunt

Play Exciting Easter Games

While an Easter egg hunt is a fun game in itself, you could really get the competition fired up by setting up some additional games and a craft activity that is suitable for all ages.

Egg Bowling – Use colored hard-boiled eggs and one white hard-boiled egg. Roll the white egg into the center of the playing field and take turns to see who can roll their colored egg closest to the white egg.

Painted Pots Craft Activity – Get those green thumbs ready and prepare for the spring season by having each guest decorate and design their very own painted flower pot. All you’ll need is brand new flowerpots, markers, felt designs, glue, scissors and paint.

Feed the Flock

This is your chance to display your Easter spirit by setting out loads of Easter themed treats. After all, you have to give the children something more to munch on besides candy. Simple refreshments like Easter themed sandwiches and seasonal fruit are perfect for a spring afternoon Easter egg hunt party. Just don’t forget the delicious DIY cake kit to end the day on a sweet note. Your little ones can even help you prepare the cake by doing the cake decoration and prepping the ingredients. DIY cake kits are perfect for celebrating holidays, birthday parties or just for the fun of it!

Feed the flock