With a little bit of planning, the end of summer can be a cause for celebration for you and your children. Here are some cool ideas for throwing a back-to-school party that will help your children look forward to a new school year.

Summer is coming to an end and before you know it, your little ones will be heading back-to school for a new school year full of graded assignments and afterschool sports practice pickups. Back-to-school time can be quite a disappointing time for your little ones since it means their summer of freedom is coming to a close, so why not help them ease their pain and get them a bit excited about the upcoming school year by throwing a back-to-school themed bash.

Backpack Stuffing Party

School supply shopping can put a strain on both your wallet and your time restraints. Consider throwing a backpack-stuffing party for your children and their dearest friends. To do this, simply ask each guest to bring a bulk of a specific school item. Some essential school items may include, rulers, notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, paper and glue sticks. As the host of the party, purchase some new or gently used backpacks and give each child a backpack to use. You can set up the school goods in an assembly line and have each child throw each product into their bag.

You can either choose to have each child at the party keep their bags for their own needs for the upcoming school year OR collect all the bags at the end of the party and donate them to a local charity or program that will help children in need. While keeping the bags for your own child’s needs is a great idea, donating teaches kids to give back, and of course, the world needs more of that.

Once the bag filling process is over, reward the children with some tasty back to school eats and treats. And of course, you can’t forget about dessert! For a group dessert activity, consider baking a DIY Panda Cake Kit together. Simply give each child a task to complete in the baking process, so that each child feels like they had a part in the overall creation of the adorable cake.

Panda diy cake kit

Back To School Fashion Show

Once all the back-to-school clothes shopping is done, have your child invite their closest friends over for a trendy fashion show. To do this, set up a catwalk, turn down the lights and play some fun kid-friendly techno or dance music. Give each child a flashlight so they can illuminate the child strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

Serve healthy snacks and fashion-related treats like cut-out cookies shaped like dresses and high-heel shoes. As far as decorations go, make sure you go with vibrant and fun colors.

A Backyard Campout

Squeeze in a night of backyard camping while you still can, because sooner than later, it will begin getting a bit chilly outside and night camping will not be practical. You will need tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, coolers and lots of fun nighttime evening activities to keep the little ones entertained for their stay.

Serve traditional camping food like hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cut fruit, smores and kid-friendly side dishes. If you have the patience and time, try setting up an outdoor makeshift movie theater for the little ones to enjoy some classic films while they are out enjoying nature for the evening. Some fun back-to-school movies that will entertain children of varying ages, include Freaky Friday, Grease, School of Rock, Akeelah and the Bee and Kindergarten Cop.

backyard camp out

Back-to-school is a chance for fresh starts, so why not throw a fun party that celebrates new beginnings!