Sleepovers can be a fun bonding time for your little ones and their friends. Besides being a great bonding experience, PJ parties are also a pretty neat way to get everyone together for a night in without having to get all dolled up, pack the kids in the car and spend loads of cash. The absolute best part about pajama parties? You don’t need a reason to throw one. If you’re thinking of throwing a PJ party full of fun and laughter, check out these cool tips to ensure your overnight soiree goes according to plan.

Themes And Decorations

You needn’t a theme to host a PJ party because after all, pajamas are the theme. However, choosing a specific theme can make the evening that much more fun. For example, think of your child’s favorite movie or cartoon show and base the pajama attire and decorations theme off that. You don’t need to have elaborate decorations for a pajama party, but you can still jazz up the space with cutouts, streamers, and balloons or you could put together makeshift forts to make the night just that more awesome and memorable for your guests.

You could also plan something a little special such as a movie night, stargazing, photoshoot, karaoke, glow-in-the-dark, or even a glamping pajama party theme.


You really don’t need to send out fancy invitations for a child’s pajama party. However, if it is a celebratory pajama party like a birthday pajama party, then you might want to splurge just a little bit and get some customized invites made up. You could also choose to assist your little one with creating their very own invites incorporating their own artistic flair. The choice is yours!

Activities And Treats

Children love participating in group activities where they can use their imagination and get their creative juices flowing. When throwing a pajama party, you will want to ensure that you have plenty of fun little activities and games lined up to keep the little ones entertained. This allows for the kids to keep busy and ensures they are tuckered out by the time bedtime rolls around. If you have a few chefs-in-the-making in the group, consider having them work together to make some delicious treats that they can munch on after the cooking duties have commenced. And of course, we can’t forget about baking because all kids love baking, and even more so, eating their baking creations! Try delegating a task or two to each child and have them work together to create their very own adorable cake with a DIY cake kit. Just make sure you serve the sweets at least two hours before you plan on having the children get ready for bed. Once bellies are full and eyes are looking sleepy, throw on an age-appropriate sleepover movie to wind the children down. If everyone is sleeping over, make sure you also have kid-friendly breakfast food for the next morning.

pajama party cake decoration

Pajama party sleepovers are a great way for your child’s friends to practice a little independence and get used to being away from their home. It’s also a great way for the little ones to hang out, nourish their relationships and grow through fun social activities.