An extra special birthday cake serves as a centerpiece of your child’s momentous day, and can fondly be remembered years or even decades later. Today, new themes of birthday cake designs spread through social media, and inspire bakers everywhere to experiment with personalized variations. We’ve compiled some of the most popular trends in birthday cake design to inspire your next creative masterpiece!

Smash Cakes

Your child’s first birthday is a joyous day of celebration and you can commemorate this special day with a special smash cake. The trending and very popular smash cake is a separate small cake that ”empowers” your child to literally smash in what is almost always their first experience with delicious frosting and scrumptious cake.

Smash cakes have become so popular that dedicated photo shoots now capture every moment of a cake smash, and is the quintessential birthday cake for any one year old child.

smash cake

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Drip Cakes

The newest cake craze trending globally is the drip cake. These delicious morsels of cake taste like a dream – and drip with chocolate goodness. With chocolate or another flavor dripping down the sides of the cake, these cakes come alive, and are both whimsical and exquisitely sweet.

Making your own drip cake is very simple and your imagination is the only limit on the elements you can add to a drip cake design – from sparkles to cones, to candies and cookies, drip cakes are a blast!

dip cake

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Superhero Cakes

Superhero themed birthday cakes are a perennial classic. Hollywood does their best to keep these superhero franchises vital in the hearts and minds of kids of all ages, and 2017 was an exceptionally good year for superheroes, with Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Lego Batman making appearances on the big screen..

Having a specially decorated birthday cake with these characters is the perfect way to make your child feel heroic on their big day.

super hero cake

Character Cakes

Every year new movie characters or toys become the viral fascination of children around the world. Whether it is a Pokémon or Moana, a popular character can serve to unify your child’s birthday party theme from cake to decoration all the way to the content of the goodie bags.

Little Girl Cakes

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess, and cake theme “fit for a princess” is an ideal way to celebrate in royal fashion. From unicorns to rainbows to princess-themed cakes, your very own princess’s can have her royal fantasies come to life for one special day.

little girl cake