Baking an unforgettable cake for your child’s birthday doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the process.

If you’re a mom who is facing another of your children’s birthdays, you know the abundance of emotions that can be stirred up as you attempt to make it perfect. You suddenly begin wondering how you can accomplish everything, from sending out invitations to finding the best presents, figuring out party location and decoration, buying the goody bags and of course, what you’re going to do about a cake.

Over the years, we at Cakest have met many moms who have pondered making their own birthday cake for their son or daughter’s birthday, but then decided that baking a birthday cake was too daunting to do on one’s own.

We believe that making a birthday cake for your child from scratch should be viewed as a special gift, and no matter what social media or your friends may lead you to believe, it doesn’t have to be 100-percent perfect – it just needs to be able to make your kid smile.

The following are Cakest’s birthday cake making tips that will allow you to have fun while injecting a custom touch into the process.

Pick A Theme Based On Your Child’s Interests

  • Birthday Cakes for Boys – The easiest way to decide on the right kind of cake for your child’s birthday is to make one that thematically matches his or her interests. If your son, for example, is into sports, craft a cake that features his favorite sport like soccer or basketball. If you don’t have a formal birthday party theme, choose to make a cake that represents another love or interest of your boy’s – for instance, if your son loves trains or fire trucks, make a train fondant cake or fire truck fondant cake.
  • Birthday Cakes for Girls –When it comes to a birthday cake, little girls always seem to want the classics so consider a pink princess cake, a mermaid themed cake for fans of Ariel, a rainbow cake for cute colors or a kitty cat cake for animal lovers.

Choose Between Cake Mix And Baking From Scratch

The next step is to actually bake the cake, and it comes down to using cake mix or baking it from scratch. Baking from scratch requires preparation and practice, but the baker has the advantage of being able to control the ingredients and accommodate any special dietary or allergy needs of the child. A cake baked from scratch can be gluten-free, egg-free, milk-free, nut-free, organic or even vegan, in addition to being chemical- and preservative-free.

Cake mixes, on the other hand, have been available in the U.S. since the 1950s, with food company giants spending millions of dollars to perfect their formulas and create a cake that is tasty and foolproof.  A cake mix is going to behave exactly the same every time, while it’s hard to get that same kind of consistency with homemade cakes. The only people who have never gone through the disappointment of their cake not turning out as the recipe are the ones who never baked before.

Don’t think that you must bake a cake from scratch for your child’s birthday to make a yummy cake – most bakeries don’t even bake from scratch.

Fire truck birthday cake decorating

Decorating: Fondant vs. Buttercream

When it comes to decorating, there are different advantages to the fondant and buttercream; some bakers love the moldable, shapeable nature of fondant and some adore the lush taste and texture of buttercream.

  • Fondant Advantages – Due to its easily “workable” playdough-like consistency, fondant can be rolled and used to easily cover a cake for a smooth, sophisticated appearance. It is also easier to transport the finished cake, and is great for making cutouts. As it seals moisture, a fondant covered cake remains fresh for days.
  • Fondant Disadvantages – It is important to store fondant in a dry, cool place (below 70F) to avoid changes in texture due to temperature variations. If the storage place is too dry the fondant can crack, if too humid it can lose shape. Fondant cakes are not recommended to be stored in the fridge because they absorb moisture and become gooey and sticky.
  • Buttercream Advantages – Easy to make from scratch with only a few ingredients and achieve any shade with a few drops of food coloring.
  • Buttercream Disadvantages – Making a perfectly smooth finish requires a lot of practice and due to a softer texture transportation is more challenging.

Appreciate Your Efforts In Making A Cake From Scratch…Even If It Isn’t Perfect

If you have put the time and effort into making a birthday cake for your son or daughter, be kind to yourself and be proud of your work. Your child will be delighted regardless of your not picture perfect creation, it will be just perfect for him or her. Snap a picture to have a reminder of how creative you really can be and enjoy the party!