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diy heart cake kit cakest2


Try our custom designed Valentine’s day heart cake kit that includes tools, ingredients and step-by-step instructions! All kits are designed with first-time bakers in mind.

It makes 12-14 servings.

Active baking time: 1 hour    Decorating time: 45 minutes

The cake that says I am so lucky to have you! Like a card but much better because you can eat it too!

Flavor Chocolate
From: $55

Complete your cake with the perfect candles.

Birthday Candle – optional

In stock

From: $55

Number Candle – optional

From: $55

Number Candle – optional

From: $55

Number Candle – optional

From: $55

Number Candle – optional

From: $55

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Rolling pin Disposable baking pan Gluten- free cake mix Decorating tools and Instruction cards Offset spatula Cake board


4 eggs for baking cakest cake

4 eggs

2/3 cup vegetable oil for baking cakest cake

2/3 cup
vegetable oil

2 sticks unsalted butter for baking cakest cake

2 sticks
unsalted butter

2 teaspoon vanilla extract for baking cakest cake

2 tsp
vanilla extract

3 cups powdered sugar for baking cakest cake

3 cups
powdered sugar

8 oz cream cheese for baking cakest cake

8 oz cream cheese


Large bowl for baking cakest cake

large bowl

Measuring cups and spoon for baking cakest cake

measuring cups
and spoon

Whisk for baking cakest cake


Electric mixer for baking cakest cake

electric mixer

Baking kit contains the ingredients needed to create your own beautiful and delicious homemade cake. All cakes are kosher certified, free of gluten, soy, and nuts, and have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

All fondants are free of gluten, dairy and nuts and contain no trans fats or cholesterol. Kosher certified.

Once delivered to you, Cakest ingredients have up to 18 months shelf life. Do not refrigerate fondant! Store finished cake covered, but not refrigerated for up to 4 days at room temperature (72 degrees F).

Kits ship out within 2 business days with standard shipping.

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