Are you throwing your little sweetheart a Valentine’s Day kiddie soiree and have no clue where to begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you throw a lovely V-day celebration that will get your guests’ hearts pumping with pure excitement!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw a fabulous themed party. Whether you’re looking to have a joint V-day/birthday party, or you simply love Valentine’s Day and think it deserves a celebratory event of its own, you can throw a vivacious Valentine’s Day celebration by checking out these clever tips:

The Theme And Invites

Since it’s a Valentine’s Day celebration, obviously the theme will revolve around the actual holiday and love. However, you can brainstorm even further to come up with an additional theme. For example, a baking party, chocolate/candy tasting party, or colored theme clothing party (pink and/or red) could add a bit more flair to your celebration.

When it comes to invites, you will want to make sure your invites are unique and clever. You and your little one can put together homemade invites using dollies, glitter, stickers, lace, colored construction paper, and any other materials you may have hanging around. If you really want to blow your invitees away, consider personalizing the invites to your shindig. For example, placing a few Hershey chocolate kisses or candy hearts in a colorful favor bag with an invitation tied to it is the perfect way to make each invitee feel special. You can then have your child hand deliver each personalized invite to each potential attendee.

Frills And Party Decorations

Obviously, with it being a Valentine’s Day themed party, you will want to decorate with the colors pink and red. You also will want to make sure you add some heart shaped décor to your party space. Try gathering a fun assortment of decorations, including: cutouts, balloons, balloon bouquets, and red and pink paper chains. Prepare your goodie bags/party favors well in advance, especially if you want to get imaginative and creative with them.

Keep to theme by using Valentine’s Day tableware. For a great centerpiece that won’t cost you too much, place a cute stuffed animal with red and pink balloons tied to its neck or hand in the center of each table. Think about scattering candy goodies, confetti, or cutout hearts all around the tables.

The Eats

The main courses should be simple and easy to prepare. Let’s face, it’s really all about the dessert anyway! Think of the foods your child likes and chances are the other children attending the party will also be satisfied with those same foods. Pizza, chicken nuggets, hoagies, or even pasta dishes are typically a pretty safe bet for little ones. If you want to go all out and make some kid-friendly themed dishes, go right ahead!

Now, here comes the fun part – DESSERT! If you really want to blow your guests away, have a candy or ice cream buffet. If you choose to have a candy buffet, make sure most of the candy you pick for the buffet is either Valentine’s Day themed, pink, white, or red in color. Some great ideas include: Reese’s Valentine’s Day Love Bugs, Skittles Love Valentine’s Mix, Sweetheart’s True Love Conversation Hearts, Dove Valentine’s Love Notes, Starbursts FaveReds Valentine’s Jellybean Mix, Kit Kat Red Velvet Miniatures, York Valentine’s Peppermint Patties, Haribo Valentine’s Day Gummy Bears, and Fannie May Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Day Lollipops. If you prefer an ice cream buffet, consider buying heart shaped sprinkles and then allowing your tiny guests to make their own sundaes with Valentine’s Day themed candies as toppings.

Of course, no party is complete without a cake. For a cake that both adults and children will love, try our DIY Heart Cake Kit. This cake is designed with first-time bakers in mind, which means your kids can even help you prepare and bake this beauty! You can also check out other cute themed cake ideas and designs. Along with a cake, you will also want to make a variety of other Valentine’s Day goodies and treats for those who really have a sweet tooth and just can’t get enough of the sugary stuff.

Valentines day diy cake

Fun And Games

When you have a large group of children in one area, you will want to make sure there are plenty of activities to keep the little ones busy and out of trouble. Check out some of these unique games and activities to implement during your celebration:

Decorating Contest – You can have your guests decorate cards, candy apples, t-shirts, bags, or keepsake boxes. All you need to do is make sure there are artsy materials at each station so that each kid can let their creative juices flow and decorate to their heart’s content. Glitter, glue, markers, colored pencils, candy hearts, tin foil, cotton balls, and any other general craft materials can be used for this activity. Once the children have decorated their item, crown one of them the winner of the decorating contest.

Heart Stack – For this game, all you will need is a whole lot of candy hearts and a timer. Set each child up with a box or two of candy hearts, set the timer for a minute or two, and see which child can stack the most candy hearts on top of each other without their tower collapsing.

Valentine’s Word Search Puzzle – This activity won’t cost you a thing. Simply print one free word puzzle for each child, set the timer for 10 minutes, and see which child can find the most words in the allotted time. This activity is the perfect way to celebrate this special occasion while strengthening both their spelling and vocabulary skills.

Valentine word search puzzle

Regardless of the age of your guests, there are a number of fun and exciting games that can be played to keep them social and interactive.


With these ideas, you can throw an unforgettable celebration of love right on your home turf. Happy Valentine’s Day!