If you’ve got a pint-sized mermaid on your hands, check out these tips to ensure your little sea creature’s enchanted birthday party is a success!

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Imaginative little girls love beautiful and whimsical Disney characters like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, so it’s no surprise that mermaid-themed birthday parties have been in high demand for years. Check out these tips on how to throw a magical and mystical underwater mermaid celebration.

The Invites

The first step to party planning is to get the invitations out. You could always buy premade invitations from your local party store or online, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, consider working with your child and making your very own homemade decorative invites. Use a free mermaid tail cutout to draw a tale on the cover of the invitation then add a splash of glitter or create your own beautiful DIY clamshell invite.

Whimsical Decorations

Decorations for a mermaid party should be feminine and delicate. You will want to capture the essence of an underwater kingdom and leave your guests in awe. Try colors like lavender, baby pink, teal, coral, fuchsia, and baby blue and have the tableware, cutlery, cups, banners, balloons, and any other décor match with the color scheme. Adorn your guests with a gorgeous party table setting that is complete with pearls and shells. You can set the nautical scene with some super adorable and easy DIY jellyfish party decorations.

Location and Games

If weather permits, a mermaid party is best suited at a location where there’s a pool available for fun water games. Here are some fun and exciting games that incorporate water:

  • Mermaid treasure hunt: This game is very similar to a scavenger hunt. Hide several “treasures” around the pool area and allow party guests to go on a hunt for them.
  • Mermaid Freeze Swim: This is a pool version of a freeze dance. Put a great soundtrack together to go along with the game.

You can turn classic games into mermaid party games such as filling a mermaid piñata with sweet treats and small toys. Allow each party guest to take a swing or two at the piñata until someone breaks it and the treats come pouring out. You can play Pin the flower on the mermaid, this is like pin the tail on the donkey. Play find the pearl, a twist on the classic musical chairs. Make these easy origami seashells and have your little mermaids dance to the music around the seashells. When the music stops every mermaid finds a seashell and lift it up to see if the pearl is inside. Only one shell has the pearl and the winner gets a treat. You can fill a DIY mermaid treat box with some candy and/or small toys to give to each winner of the games.

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The Menu

After all the socializing and games, your little sea creatures have probably worked up quite an appetite. Because kids can be picky eaters, it’s best to go with grub that is known to appease children. Just make sure the food you pick still maintains the mermaid theme. Our delicious and cute DIY fondant Mermaid Cake will certainly make a big splash with all the little sea creatures who prefer chocolate over seaweed.

Mermaid diy cake kit

Remember, it’s the small touches that ultimately deem a themed party a success. Have fun with it, and allow your special little mermaid to add in her two cents so that the party goes swimmingly!