Avoid these top mistakes that most first-time bakers make when decorating a birthday cake.

Decorating a cake is the ultimate reward. You get to test your handiwork as well as dig into a tasty treat when you are finished. Even if you are a novice to cake decorating, you can use a DIY birthday cake kit or follow simple instructions to create an easy chocolate birthday cake, making it quick and simple to craft a beautiful cake creation.

If you are a first-time baker, it takes some practice to get your cake decorating skills just right. To make the process pain-free for you, we’ve put together the top cake decorating mistakes that every baker has made. These tips can help you avoid the pitfalls of cake decorating and allow you to make a birthday party cake like this rainbow cake without any hassle.

1. Mix Your Ingredients At Room Temperature

Mixing your ingredients according to the recipe seems easy enough, but many first-time bakers skip a crucial step in the process. Certain ingredients in your recipe need to be maintained at room temperature, butter is one of these ingredients. The reason for this it that room temperature ingredients bond together easily and create a smooth and evenly incorporated batter.

mix your ingredients at room temperature

2. Cool Your Cake Before Frosting

Decorating your birthday cake is the fun part even for a first-time baker, but you need to take some necessary steps to make sure it goes smoothly. First, let your cake cool completely. You may be so excited about your birthday cake that you can’t wait, but we promise it will be worth it to have the frosting and fondant applied correctly. Also, don’t forget the crumb coat frosting, which is a thin layer of frosting sealing the crumbs in before you apply the fondant, as this is a crucial mistake that many first-time bakers make.

Cool your cake before frosting

3. Use A Digital Thermometer For The Oven

Oven temperature varies in every home. Even if your display shows the right setting, it is the inside temperature that matters. If your cake comes out domed, it means your oven is too hot. Try using a digital thermometer to get an accurate reading of your oven. If this still produces a dome-shaped cake press it down with parchment paper as this may help it settle.

4. Don’t Open The Oven Too Soon 

Temptation gets even the most seasoned of bakers, it is important to never open the oven door to check on your cake until it is 80 percent done baking. Every time the oven door is opened, hot air is released which decreases the oven temperature and makes for a cake that is unevenly cooked. Let your oven do its thing and wait patiently for your cake to bake.

5. Don’t Refrigerate Fondant Cakes

After you have finished the final detail of a DIY birthday cake kit, you probably want to keep your cake as fresh as possible. The refrigerator may be your first instinct, but stop yourself from the thought. You can ruin your fondant in the fridge and cause it to sweat and become soft and sticky. Instead, set it on a covered cake stand at room temperature. with a cover for protection.

dont refrigerate fondant cakes

Whether you are making an easy birthday cake or following a DIY birthday cake kit is important to watch out for these first-time baker mistakes along the way. If you do make a mistake, don’t worry; you can always eat the evidence.